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19 January

Domestic Violence Healing At Its Best: Bio Behavioral Medicine For Healing From Domestic Abuse}

Domestic Violence Healing at Its Best: Bio-behavioral Medicine for Healing from Domestic Abuse


Dr. Jeanne King, Ph.D.

For over 25 years, Ive taught biofeedback, meditation and stress reduction to individuals with chronic medical conditions and debilitating psychological disorders. It was extremely rewarding to be a party to the magic of the human bodys self-repair process.

…A satisfaction surpassed only by the delight I drew from engaging the intellect of my patients to help them embrace the rapture of their own health and mending processplus serving as a coach to ignite a discipline as regular as breathingall awhile unveiling psychological processes calling for attention.

The long and the short: bio-behavioral medicine is what we called it then. You may know it as holistic healing or mind-body medicine. It has many names.

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I developed, managed and delivered treatment for professional practice serving metro Chicago. As I look back, what Im keenly aware of today is how the learning and healing nuggets of this work fills the longings of the people currently drawn to me for service.

Why Biofeedback and Meditation for Domestic Abuse Survivors

Over the last seven years, I have dedicated my professional life to helping domestic violence survivors. My energy had been consumed by the legal rubble and social political hullabaloo of domestic abuse advocacy. I just realized I not only want to, and can, serve domestic abuse survivors with bio-behavioral medicine; rather I must serve this population in this way. Heres why.

Biofeedback, meditation and stress reduction training coupled with psychotherapy will help you find the you behind the chatterthe you behind and before your abusive partnerthe you that resides at the core of your being, where all is wellwhere you are whole, happy, at peace with yourself and with the universe.

Dr. Jeanne King, Ph.D. helps individuals, families and healthcare professionals

recognize and end domestic abuse

. If you want deeper understanding of what maintains and what prevents abusive relationships, see the

Intimate Partner Abuse Screen


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28 November

Complete Information On Chordoma}

Complete Information on Chordoma


Juliet Cohen

Chordomas is the most common musculoskeletal lump. This is a malignant tumor which quite slowly grows. It possibly disseminates to other organs, usual lung. It represents only approximately all malignant bone tumor 1%. Chordomas was possibly discovered in any vertebra part, uses nearby one the half occurs in the vertebra base. About 2 occurs in 5 chordomas in the skull base or in the bone movement in face middle under. Chordomas possibly occurs in any age but the major effect person between 40 and 60. Chordomas compares the woman is together in the person, specially these occur in the vertebra base.

Chordomas tend to be slow-growing, and dont often spread to other parts of the body. These tumors usually have a relatively indolent and prolonged course with multiple local recurrences, and, eventually, they may be responsible for mortality. The incidence of chordoma in the general U.S. Chordomas comprise less than 1% of CNS tumors, though they can occur in extraaxial locations. Chordomas are thought to arise from ectopic notochord remnants. Symptoms of the presence of chordomas vary with size. Symptoms are also depend on the location of the tumor. Most chordomas occur randomly among the population (sporadic).

The tumor possibly creates in the skull has visual the headache or the question. The tumor possibly causes the pain in the vertebra in the tumor region. The tumor according to possibly causes the symptom in the neighbor nerve similarly the “plate which slips with”. These symptoms including the arm or the leg pain, weakness, or are numb. The tumor possibly creates in the tailbone region noticeable are massive, has the intestines and the urinary bladder numbly in the pants crotch region, with question. The chordomas treatment is difficult. The surgery is the treatment main form is chordomas.

Today had various slightly spread surgical department to choose permission surgeon to visit the region previously not to be impossible to arrive. The treatment of radiation can be delivered externally with the direction of radiation in the volume from a exterior source, internally with place the radioactive material immediately in the body near in the cancer. The chemotherapy uses the medicines in order to it stops the increase of cells of cancer. The new treatments of medicines, included the use of medicine called imatinib mseylate (Gleevac) are searched that can help it slows down the increase of volumes that cannot be removed.

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Complete Information on Chordoma