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30 March

Nopalea Helps Those With Cancer}

Submitted by: Frank Yaconis

A St. Paul, Minnesota woman who had bought Nopalea Juice for her father to help him regain energy and combat the pain of inflammation of his shoulder and joints only dabbled in drinking the juice herself until she was diagnosed with cancer.

She was only 35, but doctors told her she had thyroid cancer.

It was a tough diagnosis to understand. She was otherwise very healthy. She ate well. She exercised. But she still got cancer. This is a very common story for may people.

Often, people who take great pains to maintain good health and habits are devastated by illness and disease.

In this mothers case, she decided to become serious about drinking Nopalea. She followed the directions for the loading phase, which calls for drinking between three to six ounces of the juice every day for 30 days. In her case, she drank three ounces in the morning and another three ounces at night. She wanted to prepare for cancer surgery and radiation.

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The day after her surgery, she went home and realized she had no need to take the pain meds the doctors had prescribed for her. Although the path ahead would still be difficult, she took comfort in knowing that Nopalea was helping her body flush out the toxins that remained in her body.

She also worked on lowering her stress and being able to stay optimistic in the face of a frightening diagnosis.

The bright side of being diagnosed with cancer in her 30s is that she is happier than ever, the woman says.

Now, her life is dedicated to helping others even more. She is able to appreciate and find joy in the small things in life more than ever.

The lesson she wants to share is that people should use Nopalea before they are faced with serious illness and disease. She says by drinking Nopalea daily, you are giving your body a fighting chance of avoiding a scary diagnosis altogether.

It is another step to staying as healthy as you can be.

People like this woman are firm believers in the healing ability of Nopalea juice. They say that this juice can make a huge difference in someones life and their health.

Nopalea Juice, made from the prickly pear cactus, is touted for its ability to reduce chronic inflammation, flush toxins from the body, and ease chronic pain.

People who suffer from ailments such as acne, arthritis, and even migraines, have claimed freedom from pain as a result of drinking the juice.

The main ingredient of the juice, next to water, is the Prickly Pear Cactus. It is believed that a powerful class of antioxidants can be found in the plants fruit, actually in the pigment of the fruit.

Only a few other foods contain these pigments, known as betalains. It is said that while Swiss chard and beets also contain betalains, people can find the highest concentration of the antioxidants in the Prickly Pear Cactus.

It is believed that this native Sonoran desert plant has been used for centuries as both a food and medicine.

About the Author: Frank Yocanis has been researching and writing about

Anti Inflammatory Diet

for the past decade. He has even traveled to the Sonoran desert half a dozen times to study how Nopalea contains amazing properties that help with all kinds of joint pain, including

joint inflammation

. He is excited to share how this antioxidant-rich drink can change your life.


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8 January

Discover Your Best Health And Wellness With Charlotte Nc Chiropractic Office}

Submitted by: Rhegie Taylor

Most people only go to a chiropractor when they have back pain – and often see it as nothing more than a solution to that particular problem.

However, chiropractic care is not just a way to fix back pain and then move on – but an entire holistic system designed to promote wellness.

In addition to adjusting your spine to restore nervous system flow, release pinched nerves and relieve pain, a good chiropractor will also advise on posture and ergonomic changes to keep the problem from recurring. Many also offer nutrition and diet advice, or stretches and exercises to help speed recovery and promote long term health.

Holistic chiropractic is not just about fixing a disease, but about finding the best route to wellness for that particular person. Even if there is no actual disease, few of us are as healthy as we could be.

And those with chronic conditions often need all the help they can get to be as healthy as possible. A holistic approach can sometimes find an underlying cause of a problem that may not be what people expect, such as an undetected food sensitivity.

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Even healthy people, though, benefit from the occasional visit to a chiropractor. A chiropractor can also improve athletic performance and reduce the risk of repetitive strain injuries caused by athletic activity or work – carpal tunnel, for example, can often have its roots in an upper back problem that a chiropractor can resolve.

Chiropractic adjustment, also, does not only treat back pain. Tension headaches are often caused by muscular or disc problems in the neck, and just taking painkillers every time you have a headache does nothing to resolve the underlying problem. Also, while most traditional medicine approaches the symptoms and the disease, chiropractic approaches the person, with each course of care being individualized and designed for that specific person and their lifestyle and needs.

A chiropractor understands, for example, that a student athlete needs to be back on the field as quickly and safely as possible, and that a doctor telling you to stop typing when that is how you make your living is not going to achieve anything.

Modern chiropractic techniques apply science and sometimes instruments to the problem – this is not a static form of medicine caught in the past, but an evolving system that learns, grows, and makes use of new technology as it develops.

New techniques such as atlas orthogonal treatment or the activator method are showing up all of the time, offering continuous improvement of health.

Whether you have back or neck pain or think you are healthy, it is worth having yourself checked out by a qualified, experienced Charlotte chiropractor. They can resolve your issues or guide you to a level of health and wellness you have not previously experienced.

Learn how you can obtain optimum health and wellness and then move on with your life, free of pain and with greater freedom of movement and balance. Chiropractic can help you achieve optimal health and wellness.

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Charlotte chiropractor

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